At some point, many hotel & hostel operators realise that they have outgrown their existing Property Management System (PMS) software – but the mere thought of switching to a different system can be daunting.There are many considerations to think about:

  • Identifying the business needs going forward
  • Seeing where your current abilities of your existing PMS fall short
  • All the grinding work leading up to a migration.

However, the benefits are plentiful – as your PMS can help you increase revenue, stay organised, and allow you to focus on your guests.
As you sift through your many options, make sure to ask for these features:

  • Forecasting tools
  • Gender controlled inventory both private and dormitories
  • The scheduling of future room moves.
  • Overbooking and stop sell controls.
  • In house bookings can be flagged for more than one department for action.

You may also want to consider these advanced features in your hostel PMS:
In-depth reports
Your hostel PMS should give you all of the detailed information you need to make actionable decisions – allowing you to export the information in the most convenient way (pdf, Excel sheet, and csv file).
Revenue management capabilities
Your hostel chain’s PMS should support integration with a channel manager to ensure you maximise profit at all times through all available booking channels.
Central reservation solution features
Hostel chains are starting to follow what hotel chains are doing by using a central reservation system (CRS).
Maybe it is time to look again at a cloud based hostel PMS solution like GuestCentrix. Click here to learn more about what we can do for your hostel.