Trust Accounting

Managing owner payments has never been simpler

GuestCentrix Trust Accounting is widely regarded as the industry leader in integrated solutions for Strata Title and Serviced Apartments.

GuestCentrix Trust Accounting offers a powerful yet easy to use owner accounting solution ensuring revenues are accurately paid to owners and managers each time, and every time. Trust Accounting properties have unique needs when it comes to  the revenue in a hotel or apartment complex.

The property development is financed by the sale of each lot , unit or strata (in other words “the room”) to private or outside investors. The daily revenue from the unit is split between the owner (investor) and the manager (hotel operator). GuestCentrix PMS and Trust facilitates this style of property with ease, and is considered the industry leader in trust accounting solutions.

Key Features

  • Unlimited contract types can be configured in a single property
  • Different owner revenue rules for different strata
  • Owner revenue can be shared (pooled), unit entitlement or by % of actual revenue
  • Contract type changes easily handled allowing for contract amendments or updates
  • Multiple owners per strata or room, with revenue split options available
  • Room move tracking for accurate recording of revenue when guests move rooms
  • Costs easily attributed to owner or manager for FF&E
  • Costs easily attributed to owner or manager for Advertising
  • Highly configurable owner statements
  • Easy to use daily vs monthly tasks with regular 3-way balance checks

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