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Your hotel’s property management system (PMS) is the cornerstone of running a successful accommodation business – but how often do you assess whether it still meets your needs? Does yours help you adequately cater to today’s modern travellers?

Here’s why your hostel or hybrid hotel should look at implementing a new PMS this season.
1) Interfaces to many web engines
No hotel or hybrid hotel will survive without connecting to the many booking sites that today’s travellers are using to research and book their stays.
Modern hotel PMSs like GuestCentrix link your property to millions of bookers through rock solid connections to channel managers like SiteMinder & Staah. You could potentially sell your rooms through hundreds of booking sites, all at once – without any risk of overbooking your rooms (and disappointing guests).

2) OTA deposits can be held separately, and recognised at check-in
Cancellations can be a major pain for hotels – especially when refunds need to be made on deposits taken. However, hotels must take some form of deposit to ensure cancellation fees can be enforced. And hotels shouldn’t shy away from very popular booking sites for fear of cancellations.
With a PMS like GuestCentrix, OTA deposits, like those from Hostelworld for example, can be held separately and recognised at check-in. This means that you don’t need to worry about the handling of funds until you need to – when the guest is actually checking in.
3) Overbooking and stop-sell controls
In preparation for cancellations you may want to oversell your rooms & beds by a certain number. A strong PMS like GuestCentrix will have overbooking controls that allow you to do this in a calculated way, allowing you to maximise your occupancy.
Of course, the risk is that you may find yourself in a situation where you are fully booked and want to switch off all channels. In that case, stop-sell controls will allow you to stop-sell all channels with one button – without having to log into your channel manager to do it manually.
A system like GuestCentrix has all of the above capabilities, and more. Click here to learn more about what else we can do to help you get more bookings and delight your guests.