One for our hostel and backpacker operator clients.

Insights from Dennis Pitcock about why you can’t always charge for that no-show. GuestCentrix offers an auto email app, E-Messaging, which can be used to communicate often with the guest perhaps prior to arrival. The more times you connect with the guest, the less likely the guest is to be a no-show (without spamming them every day of course!).

Why you can’t charge your no-show

There was a contract, a promise, a moment of comradery between us and our future guest. We set aside a bed or more, maybe even a private room, and they blew it all by neglecting to show up with not even a ‘heads up.’ We tried to ignore the disappointment of the desperate walk-ins we had to turn away, in hopes that they would arrive, and it just did not happen. Let’s face it: “We hate noshows.” They suck, no doubt about it.

For the most part, we’re just upset they missed out at staying at our awesome establishment, and weren’t there to contribute to the atmosphere. But that’s about all, we understand things can happen and it is they who are missing out the most. The truth in the manner is what we really fear; the noshows we cannot charge.

It has happened to us all. Many of us believe it to be a right of passage into the hostels management/ownership role. Here is what could have happened that sets forward our inability to charge and a brief way to control it. By better understanding how and why they occur you will be more equipped to take them head on.

Just note, these are for informational purposes and we do not advise anyone to do any of these practices to any establishments that are not their own. To learn more, read HostelTrends’ full article on six reasons you can’t charge a no show.