Many in the hostel industry are not in favour of the label, but the word “Poshtel” is beginning to stick. The team here at GuestCentrix are fielding more and more calls from properties wanting a hostel software solution for their upmarket hostel, or “Poshtel”.
This article penned from USA Today perfectly outlines where traditional hostels are beginning to morph from cheap back-packers, and into upmarket “flashpackers”, “glampackers” and “poshtels” as operators begin to push the accommodation style through into the US.
Today’s young and savvy travellers are wanting accommodation to match their budgets and their moods.
“We find Millennials are especially drawn to our emphasis on social interaction among people of diverse backgrounds to serve our purpose to create a more tolerant world,” Netanya Trimboli from Hostelling International USA says, “Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the variety of the look and feel of hostels”
The GuestCentrix team have visited the not-called-a-hostel Freehand Chicago, and have seen first hand how boutique hotel style is overlapping into traditional hostels, with a combination of flair, with rooms, dorms and beds.
Some of our GuestCentrix clients are in that similar market space and are leading the charge of “upmarket hostels” – and includes new brands such as Rambutan Townsville and brands being reborn as such, Discovery Melbourne and Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage, London. The common theme with these properties is the distinct lack of the word “Hostel” from their branding and names…
The lines each day between boutique hotels and poshtels is narrowing, at a fast pace.