dan staywyse
This is a post from CMS Hospitality’s new Director of Sales for UK/Europe, Dan Jakobsen
I guess a couple of personal key takeaways from a great StayWyse conference 2017.

  • Hotels should not take for granted that they are market leaders and take centre stage.
  • Technology is a major ingredient for sustainable growth in the hybrid market.
  • Alliances, affiliations and partnerships are well seen by the millennial traveller.
  •  Keep it simple.
  •  Social activities in the “living room” of the properties are key drivers for choosing where to go.
  • It’s all about the destination not about huge buildings and flash websites from the customers perspective.
  •  Forget about brand loyalty amongst the youngsters.
  •  It’s really not about price for the customer.
  • -Show your unit and let social media play a part in telling the story.
  •  Keep an eye on the travellers story before, during and after as they keep an eye on yours.
  •  Human interaction is key element when walking through your doors the first time.
  •  Enjoy!!!

Thank you to all for a great conference, see you soon.
Kind regards, Dan