The team from CMS Hospitality are pleased to announce the release of the IDeaS Revenue Solution / GuestCentrix interface.
Revenue Management in a hotel can be a fairly complex beast. Evaluating future demand, looking at booking patterns (both historically and forecasted) is an often difficult and constantly ongoing operation. GuestCentrix PMS provides a property with some superb reporting tools, but evaluating all that useful data that GuestCentrix has collated to formulate a rate strategy can be fairly time consuming process.
The reports, of course, can all be extracted into a spreadsheet. Calculations can created by the hotel “Spreadsheet Guru” to give to the hotel reservations, revenue and general managers, who need the information to provide some idea of what the future rate strategy should be.
We know that the Yield Rate is imperative to the successful and profitable operation of the hotel.
This is where the integration to IDeaS revenue management solutions will benefit hotels of any size, shape or location. The seamless integration from the GuestCentrix PMS and the evaluation of the data by the IDeaS solution provides a powerful tool for a Revenue / Reservations Manager to offer the right price to the right customer at the right time, to maximise revenue and increase profitability. IDeaS solutions provides up-to-date, robust forecasting and daily optimized pricing decisions which the solution will then efficiently and quickly distribute the hotel’s best available rate (BAR) and other controls to GuestCentrix, eliminating the need for revenue managers to manually enter the data.
How It Gets Deployed
The IDeaS for Success program ensures the successful implementation, continuing support and return on investment of IDeaS industry leading software. To ensure thorough, flawless implementation, comprehensive training and employee retention, IDeaS for Success is delivered by three methods: START, COACH and CARE.
IDeaS for Success START takes you through the steps you need to get your IDeaS project started and more importantly finished. This program plays a vital role in building a strong partnership from the beginning of your IDeaS relationship, helping to minimize risk and uncertainty.
IDeaS for Success COACH delivers strategic and tactical skills when and how you need them most. Whether you like to learn online at your convenience, as an organization or group, or within a larger gathering of your peers, we can cater a learning approach to your needs.
Successful pricing and revenue management means more than just software. Whether you are struggling with best practices or need advice about what to do regarding a change in your business, IDeaS for Success CARE is there to support you.
Craig Dennington, Dir. of Sales & Marketing, CMS Hospitality remarks:
GuestCentrix offers some fantastic yield management tools via the Daily Rates configuration and the GuestCentrix Web Interface Manager. These tools allow for hotels and hostels to increase or decrease rates based on real time inventory changes.
Many revenue managers though want more in depth revenue management, and that is where the IDeaS integration comes in. In my time working in the hotel rooms division, we spent hours exporting reservation information from our PMS and manually inputting the figures into a spreadsheet-based Pick-Up Report, then trying to guess and manage the future rate strategy of the hotel. Using the past occupancy data that is in the GuestCentrix PMS database along with future reservation holding data, this can be easily uploaded to the IDeaS revenue management solution, and gives the hotel a more scientific evaluation of the suggested Rate of the Day.
I have no doubt that hotels that choose this solution when integrated to GuestCentrix, will see an almost immediate lift of the hotel rate, the RevPar and of course overall profit.