It’s thought that around 87% of online marketers now use video content. And there’s a great reason for this.

Video remains one of the stickiest, most engaging forms of content marketing available to every type of business.

But we think it’s particularly powerful for hotels, and we’d like to take this opportunity to explain why it should be in your 2021 marketing plan.

People want a glimpse behind-the-scenes

Humans are curious animals; we love getting a look at what happens ‘behind the curtain’ within businesses.

This is particularly the case in hotels. It’s why we see so many fly-on-the-wall documentaries that delve into the intricacies of hotel and restaurant management.

You can do the same with your own hotel, thanks to video marketing. A few ad-hoc interviews with staff or tours of the newly refurbished second floor are great ways to encourage engagement on social media.

When something happens that you’d like to share, grab your smartphone and start shooting. You’ll also be surprised by how many staff will willingly chat to camera about their day or recent (positive) experiences with guests. Everyone likes a moment in the spotlight.

You can deliver a very specific message

When Marriott launched their ‘it pays to book direct’ campaign in 2017, they had one very simple message to get across, and did so brilliantly.

Hotels can achieve this with video marketing themselves. The best videos of this kind are short (two minutes max) and focus on delivering one very specific message.

Get that message right on camera, and it’ll be far more widely spread than a single Tweet or blog post.

Guests can get involved

There’s nothing like a bit of user generated content to really energise a marketing plan.

Video is perfectly primed for this, and if you’re a hotelier with lots of happy guests, you’ve got countless opportunities to have them spread the good word for you.

Testimonials from past guests will act as social proof for the quality of your service, and that goes a long way in the digital age. 

So, if you have a regular guest or someone who has stayed under specific, interesting circumstances (a wedding, for instance), why not get them on camera to talk about their experiences?

Even better, you could set up a competition for past guests. Ask them to submit videos where they reveal the one thing that made their stay special at your property and hand them the carrot that the best (as judged by you) will be given a free return stay.

Virtual tours

Guests do an awful lot of research before they book hotels these days, and if you can offer a virtual tour of your property on the hotel’s website, you may just pick up a few more direct bookings.

It doesn’t have to be polished, either. A walk-around a few of your rooms and the reception area might be enough, but if you’re feeling brave, why not rope in a member of staff to provide a guided walkthrough of what makes your hotel special?

Wrapping up

The best news about our video marketing tips above is that they can be undertaken with nothing more than your smartphone.

Unless you have the budget to do so, you won’t need to invest in the services of a video marketing company. Just grab your phone when inspiration strikes and start filming – a bit of experimentation will do you no harm in this regard.

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