It’s tempting to think that a CRM system is only for business to business situations. After all, what use could such software have for an industry like hospitality? As it turns out – quite a lot. In fact, if you don’t have a CRM system at your hotel, you’re missing out on opportunities to better engage with your customers and bring them back for more.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management systems (CRM for short) are tools that enable businesses to keep track of all interactions with customers. They also enable precise profiling of customers. Think of a CRM as an advanced customer database which gives you a bird’s eye view of their journey from prospective customer to, hopefully, long-term advocate of your brand

So, why would an independent hotel invest in a system of this kind?

It’s a natural extension of your PMS

Your hospitality software will undoubtedly already include some form of customer database management, but you can go much further with a CRM. Customer relationship management software usually provides far more fields (and custom fields) in which to store detailed guest information, and key dates. You’ll also gain the ability to make detailed notes against guests or enquiries so the team can keep track of the hotel’s dealings with its customers.

Data. And lots of it.

The modern world is driven by data, and in the world of hotels, it’s one of the best marketing tools available.

With a hotel CRM system in place, you can gather detailed information on how guests interact with your business. As noted, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of their journey towards becoming a guest and get the opportunity to make detailed notes and profiles that can be used for marketing purposes.

There’s no better way to get closer to your guests or find new markets you’re yet to take advantage of.


It isn’t easy to develop profitable guest relationships that result in regular repeat visits, but a CRM system will help big time in this regard.

One of the biggest challenges relates to time (or lack of it, more specifically). Modern CRM systems provide automation tools that take repetitive tasks off the hands of your staff. For instance, by recording guest birthdays, a CRM can automatically send out birthday wishes each year. And, if you know more about guest stay habits and their preferred types of stay, you can create automated marketing campaigns from the data in your CRM to bring them one step closer to booking direct.

It’s a tool that’ll be relished by your team

Having as much guest information to hand as possible will enable your reception team to better deal with queries, potential bookers and – yes – complaints. In the fast-paced hotel industry, employees need detailed information on tap so they can provide the best possible advice, offers and resolutions for guests.

CRMs excel at both this and interdepartmental communication, thus bringing your team together under one platform that’ll become just as important to them as your PMS.

Wrapping up

You couldn’t do your job without your property management system, could you? If you get your hands on a CRM and spend time delving into its features, you’ll experience the same feeling, and the impact on your hotel will be immeasurably positive.

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