It’s really nice to see the mainstream press write a wonderful article supporting the backpacking and hostel industry. There are some really fantastic operators in the “flashpacking” or “glampacking” sector (as christened by the media!). Brilliant of course to see these operators in Rambutan and YHA being GuestCentrix business partners.
Boutique hostels with little luxuries lead to ‘flashpacking’ trend in Australia

OLIVER Briggs’ first night backpacking in Australia was not a good welcome to the country.

”I’d just stepped off the plane in Melbourne from the UK. I had jet lag and I wanted to get some sleep and it turns out I’d checked into a non-stop party hostel.
“If the staff knew you were sleeping they would actually bang on the ceiling and wake you up so you joined in.”
For Epp Andrews, from Estonia, it’s the everyday hassles of hostelling which can be the most frustrating. “When you arrive at a hostel, you know something is always going to go wrong. You might get decent Wi-Fi but there’s no laundry or you’ll get a bunk bed but no ladder on it.”…
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