CMS Hospitality has provided by far the most user friendly and productive product on the market. Together with excellent support and service, their communication and commitment has ensured Guest Centrix has ongoing success and integrates seamlessly with all our other systems. This has provided us with happy guests, an easy to use operating system for staff, valuable time saved, and financial benefits. We have had many different scenarios that we have needed help with, and they have always come up with solutions and been able to tailor these to our specific needs.
CMS has now stepped up to provide us with such a technological advance for our operations, which is why I think they are the only ones to work with. CMS has come up with not one, but three new ‘on the go’ versions of Guest Centrix that gives a whole new meaning to serving our guests & keeping track of the hotels performance.
The First is my personal favourite, the G- Phone, which is an application that can be used on my iPhone, but also on an iPod Touch. It provides real time options to check things like Hotel Status, Arrivals & Departures, Forecasting statistics, Revenue information and more, all from a touch on the screen. Very simple to use, and best of all it can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. I find this great for doing a quick check on the property, or even checking room availability for a client request when I’m not at the hotel.
The Second is also a great hit, as it not only has the options of the G- Phone, but much, much more. It is called the G- Pad, and like the name suggests, it is an application used on your iPad. It is a read only application that has every bit of real time information you would need on your property, but with the lightweight iPad you can access this anywhere (again an internet connection is needed). I find it great to use in meetings as it also provides every report normally available to you, and is very quick and easy to access. Together with the other iPad functions, this product is great to take interstate and is of more benefit to me than my laptop.
The Third is a must have for guest service, as it is a two way application that gives you similar options of what you would have on the usual terminal. It is called the G- Queue and once again it is an application used on the iPad. It is designed to default to the arriving guests screen, but would you believe you can actually allocate room numbers, show guests pictures of their actual rooms, and check them into the room also? Well it does, and you don’t have to be at the hotel to do it, you could be on the bus with a group arriving at the airport. It does not have the check out facility as yet, and cannot cut room keys, but as it is quite impressive to be able to sit down with a guest in the foyer and go through their check in details with a push of a finger, it puts our business into a whole new exciting level of guest service.
I have also heard of a Housekeeping Manager application for the Ipad coming soon, with the ability to check reports and change the maid status- what a time saver this would be!
Paul Davis
Front Office Manager
The Emporium Hotel