Increasingly properties are implementing E-Marketing solutions like our own GuestCentrix E-Messaging or other 3rd party CRM solutions that offer great capabilities.  The core of all solutions however is the property having the Guest data which the below blog from IBC Hotels  covers nicely.
Even though guest data are a game changer for independent hotels, it’s sad to say but true: Independent hotels are not getting access to the information they need. If a traveler books a room through an OTA, hotels don’t get to see how far along the consumer funnel guests traveled. Independent Hotels also don’t receive email addresses from guests who book through OTAs and instead have to gather it upon check-in.
Independent hotels need this guest data to succeed in retargeting and email marketing campaigns. Guest information helps connect the hotel and its guest to create the best experience for the traveler.

Five reasons hotels MUST capture guest data:

  1. To implement effective email and retargeting marketing strategies.
  2. It’s necessary for influential guest services. Independent hotels can reach out to guests and resolve issues quickly with guest data.
  3. It’s important to encourage direct bookings in the future.
  4. It allows independent hotels to learn more about their travelers and determine who their targeted consumers are.
  5. It increases guest satisfaction and loyalty.

The best way to capture guest data is primarily through direct bookings. Direct bookings allow independent hotels to collect any and all information they seek for retargeting and marketing purposes.
Independent hotels also can capture guest data by providing incentives for repeat business, booking directly, and for providing guest data. If a guest has booked through an OTA previously, offer a coupon or free drink if he or she books directly on the next visit. Email marketing is some of the best ROI-driven marketing a hotel can do.
Ensure that the check-in staff at your hotel is briefed to collect email addresses and other guest data from guests who booked through an OTA. Some of the most valuable guest data to capture is general contact information, demographics, usage and history, interests, preferences, and experiential feedback.
The future of the independent hotel industry depends on obtaining guest data. Over time, as independent hotels build their guest information databases, they will be able to create a truly personalized guest experience, encourage guest loyalty and drive revenue.
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