Reach out to your guests and automate your guest communication.

Reach out to your guests and take the effort out of guest communication. GuestCentrix EMS is an auto-emailing or auto-SMS solution that can be configured in many different ways to communicate with your guests electronically – send messages pre-arrival, in-house, post-departure or at any time you choose. Select those guests you want to communicate with and trigger the campaign on a specific date for a specific time. Ensure your guest remembers your property, create loyalty and encourage return visits. GuestCentrix EMS will ensure that you don’t send the same guest the same email or SMS repeatedly. Message Examples:

  • Pre-Arrival – Send out an email to all your FIT guests who are arriving two days from now. Send them a reminder of check in time, how to get to the property, what’s on in the local area, or to pre-book a dinner reservation.
  • After Check Out – Thank your guest for staying with you 1 hour, or 1 day after they have departed. You choose when you send the message. Send them a link to TripAdvisor or Hostelword to rate their stay. Send them an offer next time they book (and send them the link to the property website where they book using GuestCentrix WebRes with no commission).
  • In-house on a specific date (or dates) – Email all your guests who are going to be in-house on New Years Eve with the special NYE menu in the restaurant. Is the swimming pool going to be closed for refurb in September? Is the cafe closed for stocktake? Does not matter what date the guest arrives on and what date they depart, you just want to communicate with every guest due to be in-house on that day (or date range in fact).
  • New Reservations Booked Online – Every day your property might receive hundreds of bookings from online sources. Send them a personal message from the property. Make the guest feel valued, and not just “another booking from that website”. Remind them to bring their ID, and their credit card to present on arrival, or re-enforce some other terms and conditions that are important.
  • Arriving on a specific date – Is the local marathon taking place on the 1st April? Is the Mardi Gras in town on June 4th? Do you need to warn the guest of road closures? 

Message Schedule When can the message be sent to the guest? The standard criteria is simple, but infinite in its capabilities. Some examples:

  • Set the message to send every few minutes during the day looking for new bookings made
  • Set the message to send once a day or every two days to any guest expected to be inhouse on New Years Eve
  • Set the message to send weekly or monthly, but only looking for guests arriving on the 4th July

Guest Selection The variables to choose the guest to send the email are vast. Choose one or more of a number of different options.

  • Type of Reservation: Is the guest and FIT or part of a Group?
  • Booking Status: Is the booking status in Arrival, Departed, In-house or Waitlisted?
  • Company Association: Is the reservation linked to a specific Company or Travel Agent?
  • Market Segment: Is the guest a leisure guest, or a corporate guest or inbound?
  • Booking Source: How did your guest make the booking; from the internet, via email or did they call the hotel or hostel directly?

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