There is a definite science to the business of revenue management. The science is in the raw data of actual availability, actual pace of bookings, and daily pickups, cost of the sale and the cost of selling that extra room. Balancing the best level of occupancy vs the cost of selling the last few rooms. Does a hotel sell a slightly lower rate and achieve 100% occupancy? Or does the hotel increase the rate and maybe not reach maximum occupancy, but all the while generating a bigger overall profit?
GuestCentrix PMS can of course easily highlight the cost of acquisition, the cost of the housekeeping on the room, and also highlight room pick up and pace, to allow a hostel or hotel operator to easily plan their revenue strategy. Our Web Interface Manager can easily be set up to update rates based on occupancy – and rates can be increased by a % or a currency amount.
GuestCentrix then integrates to revenue management solutions such as Ideas or Duetto, to further expand the rates management solution.
Our good friends over at Ideas have penned this great article explaining in six key areas why GM’s care about Revenue Management.