If one of your recent initiatives as a hotelier was to invest more time in your property’s Twitter presence, we’d like to help you follow through.

There’s a simple reason for this: Twitter remains a very important marketing channel for hotels – particularly if you’re an independent operator.

However, it shouldn’t be viewed as a potential channel for lots of new direct sales. Treat it like that, and you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Instead, you need to look at Twitter as your hotel’s voice; it’s platform on which to give your business a personality people can connect with and learn to trust.

Here are some simple Twitter best practices that will ensure you finally make the most of this social media platform.

1. Schedule your content

It’s easy to fall off the Twitter wagon if you don’t get serious about scheduling your tweets.

Do you really have time each and every day to publish content on Twitter? While ad-hoc tweets as events take place is certainly something you should strive for, scheduling the majority of your Twitter content is a sure fire way to ensure your timeline doesn’t represent a ghost town.

Grab an hour each week (schedule it in your diary if that works for you) to plan ahead your tweets. Work seven days in advance and use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your content easily. Then, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your Twitter account is active even when your mind is on other stuff.

2. Use it for customer relations

The more you use Twitter as a hotelier, the more likely you are to get some engagement from followers.

Disclaimer: not all of that engagement will be positive. But that’s something you’ll need to come to terms with and learn how to manage.

This is why Twitter has become a key customer relation channel for so many businesses.

Start by keeping an eye on mentions about your hotel on Twitter. Hootsuite and Buffer (other tools are available) will help here, too. Whenever someone shines the light on your hotel, be transparent and reach out to thank them (regardless of the nature of the mention). Demonstrate to the world that you’re listening and to those who engage with you on Twitter that you’re on their side.

3. Make sure you develop a consistent Twitter voice

This won’t happen overnight, but the more you use Twitter, the more you’ll develop a voice for your brand.

It’s generally best to keep things conversational on this platform, but it’s entirely up to you as to whether you’re comfortable injecting some humour or a bit of lighthearted banter with the competition.

Take time this year to develop that voice. Be brave but avoid the necessary traps associated with being too ‘out there’; there’s a fine line on social media between a harmless joke and something which might inadvertently insult or alienate sections of your audience.

4. Get social with local events and charities

Twitter is great for striking up conversations with other businesses and organisations. By doing so, you could place your hotel firmly within the minds of event goers or fundraisers.

Take some time this year to look for potential events or local businesses who might be worth reaching out to on Twitter. Start following them and keep close tabs on their content. If they spark a debate, get involved. If they suggest a locally-focused event, say you want to be a part of it. If they say something you vehemently agree with, retweet and add your own comments.

The more sociable you are on Twitter with other businesses, the more likely you are to see an increase in engagement and the opening of doors to new opportunities.

Wrapping up

The best new year’s resolutions are the ones that turn into habits, and by following our tips above, Twitter will become a natural part of your everyday working life.

More importantly, it will help you show the world why your hotel is so special – and you can have fun while you’re doing it!

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