How does the hostel manager eliminate those continuous front desk errors that ALWAYS seem to affect your cash tills, floats and ultimately your bottom line?
Cash handling and staff high staff turnover are two major reasons why hostel owners don’t sleep well at night. If you own or manage a hostel or backpackers, you need to the right tools at your fingertips to effectively manage your cash, knowing that many of your staff are backpackers who stay around long enough to see the local sights, but not long enough to care about the accuracy of handling your cash.
By deploying GuestCentrix Hostel.Web you can save hours every day and eliminate those continuous front desk errors, negligence and even theft.
Even with todays hi-tech backpacking and hostel staying guests with chargecards, credit card and debit cards, we all know that cash is accepted at many different points of your backpackers or hostel. Backpackers who are working always seem to have cash and you want them to spend it at your bar, in your cafe and your front desk staff will still be handling a lot of cash on a daily basis.
That’s why it is so important to have the following critical reports and Hostel PMS functionality to support you.
Cashiers Balance Report
The cashiers balance report gives you an analysis of a takings by payment type, sales item and grouped by transaction codes.  With a cloud based PMS you can run these reports from anywhere drilling down to shift, user, location and cash drawer location as required.
This easy to read report will ensure you know who took the cash across the reception desk, and how much cash was taken. And of course, how much cash each day should be in your till!
Cashier Activity Log
A cashier activity log will tell you which staff member logged in and out of which workstation at what time.  With the log being only made available to managers or super users you can follow up easily on who did what, and track down why in quick time.
Of course, all bookings and folio’s and postings in GuestCentrix Hostel.Web are logged and audited so you can easily read the history and audit trail of every booking, every change and every posting.  Say goodbye to the days of not being able to pin down who upgraded the girls from Canada to a private room worth $98 per night when they booked bunks in a 8 bed female dorm for $22 per night. In black and white, you can see which of your staff is responsible, and who is ultimately accountable.
Cash Float Management
Does your hostel reservation management system enable you to record how much cash you have in your safe at the start of each day?
Can you complete a random float balance or check at any time during the shift with your current PMS?
A great hostel PMS allows you to record how much cash is being taken & returned from each shift and cash drawer.  A great hostel PMS allows you to see which of your front desk team are more vigilant with the cash in their float. Most properties currently rely on manual forms or spreadsheets for this critical task. GuestCentrix Hostel.Web makes this available – in the PMS.
Having all the information in a cloud hosted PMS has many advantages too. One of the biggest advantages is that owners or managers can login from anywhere and quickly check on their cash transactions at the hostel location.
Imagine the feeling of setting up solid processes and having a Cloud PMS such as GuestCentrix Hostel.Web that will allow you be away from the hostel, yet be able to easily login to keep track of your staff and how they are managing your hostels cash.
In addition to advanced cash management GuestCentrix Hostel.Web PMS provides mobile reporting apps that provide on-the-go hostel manager’s critical info such as hostel status, statistics, housekeeping, detailed transaction reports and availability forecasting information.
GuestCentrix Hostel.Web will ensure your cash does not go missing. And what is just as important? Yes, a good nights sleep