Berlin, Germany, April 05th, 2017 – SnapShot, provider of fully integrated applications for the hospitality industry, is proud to announce today that it is further expanding its presence in Asia Pacific by signing a new partnership with leading Australian PMS provider, CMS Hospitality, headquartered in Sydney.
CMS Hospitality’s clients will be able to take advantage of SnapShot Analytics for free. SnapShot Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks and interprets hotel performance by looking at revenue, website traffic, social media trends, and many other statistics, harnessing the full power of all data available to hoteliers. SnapShot Analytics is one of the company’s applications in the SnapShot Marketplace, a fleet of tools built to help hoteliers run their businesses more efficiently, using the latest technology.
“It can be challenging for hoteliers to see where they stand on all aspects of their business at once, especially when you factor in online and offline components,” says David Turnbull, SnapShot’s co-founder. “This is where SnapShot Analytics comes in, allowing hotel managers to get a clearer, up-to-date picture of their properties. We are thrilled to have CMS Hospitality on board, helping them to empower their APAC clients in making better decisions for their guests and business.”
CMS Hospitality has been creating software for the hotel industry for over 30 years, with its GuestCentrix solution catering to multi-property businesses of all sizes. The company has performed installations in over 25 countries across Australasia, Europe and North America and continuous to expand its client base.
“We are delighted to be working with SnapShot. They are clearly leading the industry in terms of hotel reporting.  Director of Global Sales Duncan Waterman said. “The huge range of reports that can be provided by SnapShot to a hotel in their management dashboard is very impressive and it’s another example where an integration partnership will add a lot of value to our hotel clients”
To find out more about SnapShot Analytics, please visit the website.
About SnapShot
Founded in 2013 in Zell-am-See, Austria, SnapShot is a hotel data company and marketplace for hotel applications, with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States. In the last 12 months, SnapShot has signed more than 3,000 hotels to its platform, as well as 40+ data partners.
The Snapshot Marketplace offers a wide range of applications from Snapshot and third party developers. These include comprehensive hotel data analytics, easy-to-use budget control tools and a user-centric hotel communication/messaging service.
Acting as a hub for application developers needing to access and work with hotel data for applications and hotels needing secure, integrated applications, SnapShot is a unique resource in the industry, allowing a fast and efficient access to technology for hotels, and a rapid and secure access to hotel data for developers. To find out more, visit
About CMS Hospitality
CMS Hospitality, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, has been providing software solutions for more than 30 years. The GuestCentrix software solution is a proven multi-property hospitality system, with clients ranging from small backpacker properties to 5 star resorts with over 2000 rooms, and accommodation groups of up to 100 properties.
Following the mantra of “profit, maximize and simplify”, CMS Hospitality helps clients become more profitable through improving their access to information, maximizing their revenue by ensuring the best rates are sold on the right day, and simplifying their business by offering an intuitive software solution which is easy to use, learn and navigate.
GuestCentrix can be found in over 25 countries globally, with installations in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and across Asia in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand and through into Europe, the UK and North America.