These days it’s not uncommon for properties to receive up to 80% of their bookings via online channels.  It makes sense then for properties to connect their PMS to the range of Channel Managers and GDS that GuestCentrix integrates with.
Managing one connected system will reduce your labour costs significantly. How connecting GuestCentrix to your channel manager will save you time, and therefore money:

  • Bookings will drop into GuestCentrix PMS and Hostel.Web automatically which means:
    • You save labour cost and time in manual entry
    • You remove data entry error that happens when staff put the booking in on the wrong dates, at the wrong rates
  • Rates* are published to the online channel from GuestCentrix which means:
    • No manually duplicating rates in two different systems
    • You control the rates for rate parity
  • Availability is automatically sent from the PMS to the online channel, which means:
    • No manual data error by the reservations team with incorrect availability
    • The online booking systems have accurate numbers of rooms or beds to sell and is updated quickly when you sell inventory at the property

(*channel dependant)
GuestCentrix connects with a wide range of leading channel distribution partners. Our new connections include:

  • Sabre Hospitality (Synxis)
  • TravelClick
  • TravelTripper

Duncan Waterman, Sales Manager commented:
“Many clients are now implementing multiple distribution interfaces from their PMS which is paying great dividends.  In recent years the majority of hotels have simply connected to one channel manager which has met most of their needs.  What we are now seeing is properties supplementing their existing channel manager connections with additional connections to GDS or to great booking engine solutions like RezTrip from TravelTripper.  These extra connections benefit properties as direct connections are very often faster in terms of getting updates to market.  Hotels implementing direct connects to GDS’ like Sabre Hospitality (Synxis) or TravelClick are able to collect more information in their corporate reservations which is critical to measuring growth”