The impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry will be far reaching and felt for a long time, but we’ve already learned so much.

It’ll take time for businesses to recover and adapt to what will undoubtedly be a different audience. But, what can we learn from COVID-19? More importantly, what can hoteliers keep locked away in the back of their minds for future epidemics or pandemics?

We hope we never encounter this scenario again, but to be safe, here are a few post-coronavirus strategies that should be in every hotelier’s locker.

Keep a close eye on the Department of Health

The Australian Government Department of Health immediately adjusted their website following the COVID-19 outbreak. It remains the best source of news and advice on how to deal with the pandemic.

With so much fake news flying around and questionable commentary taking place on social media, keeping a close eye on the Department of Health is absolutely the thing to do as a responsible hotel owner. They’ll tell you what to do, when to do it and exactly the kind of precautions you need to take.

Add disinfectant to laundry washes

It’s hard to conceive of just how many hotel essentials can potentially become contaminated by a virus, but linen is definitely up there.

With that in mind, it’s important to add disinfectant when washing laundry and ensure housekeeping staff are aware of how to do so safely. Bedspreads and any other fabric of that kind should also be washed more frequently, along with every surface and door handle in the property.

Hope for government intervention – but don’t count on it

Governments aren’t obliged to step in financially during natural crises, but COVID-19 demonstrated that, on the whole, they will.

That means if something similar happens in the future, government intervention may help your business see it through – but don’t count on it.

Cash remains king – always. It’s why cashflow is so important and why maintaining a healthy bank balance (as hard as that can be in the hotel industry) is likely to be even more of a key consideration for owners going forward.

Educate staff

Beyond additional cleaning duties, your staff should also be tasked with educating themselves (or via daily meetings) on the most common signs and symptoms of viruses.

This is for their benefit as much as guests, but the sooner an infection can be identified, the sooner that person can remove themselves from the hotel to limit the spread.

Get on-point with your PR

In times of national crisis, marketing your hotel might seem a little pointless – particularly if the issue is as significant as COVID-19.

However, PR and the output from your hotel brand arguably becomes more important than ever during times like this. This is why it’s important to keep your social media accounts active and be quick to the draw when you need to communicate any urgent messages to customers.

The key lies in being honest, open and firm about policy changes or difficult decisions. And, of course, to be there for your guests whether you’re open or closed.

Final thought

We hope that the above learnings never have to be put into practice again, but whenever there’s a challenge thrown at the hospitality industry, it always fights back and becomes stronger than ever.

Keep these strategies locked away safe, and let’s hope they never have to surface again.


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