It’s hard to believe that 2021 is just around the corner, but with another year slowly fading into the memory banks, it’s time look ahead to the next twelve months. If you’re a hotelier, this time of the year is especially important because forward planning is vital to success.

You’ll want to sniff out fallow periods that are likely to arise next year, review your processes, and make changes that result in a constantly evolving, brilliant guest experience.

Here are some simple New Year’s resolution ideas for independent hoteliers.

Update your website

Even if you have hospitality software that links perfectly with your website and experience a healthy flow of direct bookings, the new year is a great time to spring clean your website. Put your guest hat on and have a browse. How does it feel? Compare it with the competition (both independent and big brand) and identify areas you can improve. Make sure you do this on both desktop and mobile devices.

Pay attention to the journey you take when making a booking or finding out about the hotel’s amenities; are there any frustrating roadblocks that could be removed in 2020?

Get some events in the diary

Need a new revenue stream next year? Why not stage some events? Even if you’ve traditionally only offered a bed and breakfast service, putting on some events can really differentiate you from the competition. Just be sure to check in with local restrictions on events and adjust from there.

Likewise, if you’re also known as a conference and wedding venue, those services are unlikely to survive by themselves as modern guest expectations increase. Try scheduling in some live music evenings and tie-ins with local events. Add in a social dining experience or two and your hotel will change from ‘just a bed for the night’ to something far more dynamic.

Take a good look at your tech

If there’s one thing in the hotel industry that evolves at a rapid pace, it’s technology. Maybe 2021 is the time you’ll finally replace your ageing PMS or upgrade the in-room guest entertainment system. You won’t necessarily need deep pockets for this stuff, either. As much as technology advances at lightning pace, it’s rapidly becoming more democratised, and systems and services which were once the domain of big chain hotels are now available to all.

Have a chat with your OTA reps

No matter your opinion of online travel agencies, there’s no doubting they provide a consistent stream of new guests – even if it comes at a cost. Why not make 2021 the year when you finally touch base with your OTA reps and find out how they can help you further? Ask about what developments you’ve missed or which are on the way and find out how they can help you maximise your listing.

A healthy relationship with an OTA will enable you to exploit that particular marketing channel. And don’t forget – the more guests who book via those methods, the more potential direct bookers you have for return visits!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

The new year should be an exciting time for independent hoteliers. It’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your brand, excite your guests and set a course for a profitable twelve months. Have we inspired you to take pen to paper once the festive celebrations have subsided? What will you do as an independent hotelier to make a success of 2020?

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