It’s often said that the modern hotel guest expects far more than just a room for the night.

Great food and drink go a long way, too, but the key word we’re looking at here is ‘experience’.

Modern guests want to feel loved, catered for individually and as though absolutely every small detail has been thought of.

Here are six ways you can improve the guest experience at your hotel.

1. Engage with them before (and after) the stay

Once you’ve received a booking you need to keep the conversation going. Waiting until the guest checks in to say “hi” isn’t the best way to build a relationship with them.

If your PMS allows, make sure it’s set up to send automated pre- and post-stay emails and text messages. That way, you can point guests in the direction of pre-arrival information and get them excited about what to expect.

You can also take this opportunity to send them to your own website to encourage a future (direct) booking.

2. Make sure the obvious amenities are in the room

There’s nothing more frustrating as a hotel guest than checking into a room only to find that something crucial is missing.

So, make sure the obvious stuff is there and easily discoverable without a call to reception. This includes:

  • fast, free, easy-to-access WiFi;
  • plenty of conveniently located power outlets;
  • enough toiletries; and
  • simple, informative and useful hotel information.

3. Fast check in/out

Speeding up the process of checking in and out and offering some form of contactless guest experience is more important than ever.

This can be achieved with technology, policies or the design of your front desk area.

Take some time to think about how you can provide the easiest, most convenient front desk experiences for your guests. Just make sure you combine ease with security and the reassurance that there’s always a helping human hand nearby, if required.

4. Personalisation from booking to check out

Modern guests love personalisation. It’s what draws them closer to hotel brands and ensures they rebook time and again.

Thankfully, personalising the guest experience is a lot easier these days, thanks to the data hotels can now obtain about guests and the email marketing tools that help you leverage that data.

Wherever possible, use your tools to both collect and use data about your guests which enables you to address them by name and provide services and packages that are uniquely tailored to their requirements.

5. Complimentary services

What more can you offer your guests beyond a bed for the night and a wonderful meal?

Complimentary services go a long way to creating a memorable guest experience, and one your customers will share far and wide.

For instance, for any newly wed couples who stay with you, a complimentary bottle of champagne and upgraded room will go down a treat. Similarly, if you’re located near an airport, keeping an eye on checkouts will ensure you can offer drop-offs and packed breakfasts for guests who are heading off on early flights.

6. Rewards for loyalty

Hotel loyalty programs don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, the simplest of rewards will ensure guests rebook directly and continue to do so for many years to come.

Brainstorm a few guest rewards you could offer which are low cost to you but high value to them. Small percentage discounts for booking direct, upgraded rooms and complementary bottles of wine are just some examples.

Wrapping up

There will inevitably be some investment of both your time and budget when acting on some of our tips above, but the result will be a guest experience that encourages people to return again and again.

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