At the time of writing, there are around 375 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (otherwise known as the Coronavirus) in Australia. Tragically, this has resulted in five deaths.

There’s no escaping the impact Covid-19 is having on the world’s media and certain industries, but that unfortunately means it’s rather easy to get lost in a sea of panic and make some bad business decisions.

As a hotelier, your business is clearly susceptible to the virus outbreak, given how many people will enter your premises every day. With that in mind, here’s how you can lead with a measured and fully informed approach to Covid-19.

Keep yourself updated

The speed with which Coronavirus news hits the headlines is astonishing, but that’s why it’s important to stick to your most trusted news sources and avoid falling down any rabbit holes of shared news found on social media.

In particular, pay attention to news sources that are local to your hotel’s area and the official statistics from the Australian government and official health bodies; they’ll give you an insight into how fast the virus is spreading and whether you’re at risk.

Beware of click-bait and hype cycles

Click-bait is sometimes referred to as ‘fake news’, but it’s simply anything published online that features an attention-grabbing headline linked to poorly informed or completely incorrect news.

Hype cycles are when news organisations continually focus on what’s new rather than the bigger picture. This often means less important news or weaker statistical information gets mixed into the more important stuff, and a clear picture of what’s really going on becomes much harder to identify.

When absorbing the latest news, pay attention to the source of the information behind it and the wider picture before acting.

Don’t make assumptions

Covid-19 is offering up increasingly alarming numbers and statistics each day, but it’s important not to make assumptions based on these reports.

Instead, focus your attention on regularly updated summaries of the key facts, published on reputable news sources. That way, you can make informed decisions about what to do, rather than assuming you’re doing the right thing.

Inform guests of your commitment to their safety

If you decide to remain open during the outbreak (as countless hotels and businesses are), it’s important to offer reassurance to your customers that their safety is your number one priority.

You can do this gently via email marketing, by sending a non-alarmist email containing the following reassurances and advice;

  • recommend that guests don’t come to your hotel if they’re feeling unwell;
  • remind guests about the importance of hand washing (and, if possible, indicate you’ve added hand sanitisers to each room);
  • confirm your staff are following the same guidance above;
  • explain you’re keeping a close eye on government recommendations; and
  • (if applicable) confirm that you’ve not experienced any reported or confirmed instances of Covid-19 in your premises.

The above bullet points are purely suggestions, and you may wish to tweak or add as you see fit. But the purpose remains the same: inform your guests that you’re aware of what’s going on and are committed to preventing the spread of the virus (as far as realistically possible).

Wrapping up

We’re not experts in Covid-19, and we’re certainly not medical experts, either. But we do understand that the Coronavirus is probably causing you lots of concern as a hotelier.

Our ultimate advice is to continually assess reputable news sources and only make decisions that will impact your guests and the business when you feel sufficiently informed to do so. Also be sure to keep up to date with your local government’s instructions.


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