Save your hair day has arrived. The solution is a cloud based Property Management System (PMS), one that’s been designed specifically for a backpacker property just like yours. Offering the technology you need to streamline your hostel operations and boost profits.
Imagine having all your essential management information at your fingertips and at a glance.
Your PMS will be able to help you with

  • how many beds and rooms you have available now
  • your availability forecast for the next week or month
  • what your OTA commissions are
  • what group bookings and revenues you have in the pipe

This should all be available in real time on your smartphone while you wait for your morning coffee, so you arrive prepared for the new day.
Revenue and Yield Management all in one place
This system should also let you update your channel manager and all your OTA’s, including adding new rates for an OTA with a minimum of fuss. Or  managing your rates to ensure you make more poundseuros and US dollars for your beds during peak periods or when there is a surge in demand for your beds and rooms.
Your PMS should offer you a range of reports that allow you to track your direct bookings as well as those from your OTA partners, so you can measure and improve your position on the go.
Simplify front desk management
Let your front desk staff provide the best customer service from the time your guests arrive by making their jobs easier.
Staff will be able to:

  • see all your bookings on a calendar blocking chart
  • be able to split bookings quickly for guests who are moving rooms during their stay
  • move existing guests as and when needed
  • quickly create mini-group bookings or accept them from OTA partners
  • efficiently manage group bookings
  • make mixed dorm rooms into female or male only at the click of a button.

Finally, start increasing your non-accommodation revenues
Ancillary revenues can make up to 10-30% of your total revenue.
Examples include:

  • Food, beverage and over the counter shop sales
  • Travel bookings, including shuttle services
  • Bike rentals or other hires
  • Use of a business centre (simple photocopying and printing)
  • Unlimited wifi for streaming, videos and gaming (give them free wifi, but to a reset maximum allowance)
  • Third-party offerings, for which you receive a commission: massage, pool, tennis courts.

With an integrated Point of Sales system your hostel can sell anything, manage these new revenues and your staff can sell anything that your travelling guest wants.  With one click your hostel PMS should be able to convert to a POS or quick sale system so you can sell anything from laundry power to ‘extended’ internet access to breakfasts.
Increase your revenue per guest, per booking, per group and track it all!

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