I have used most of the PMS/Trust accounting systems in the market over the past 10 years.
After encountering some limitations at a hotel company that needed more specific owner accounting a few years ago we went on the hunt for a new solution for that organisation.  Guest Centrix was chosen to be implemented in that group of hotels.
I would recommend hoteliers wanting to be more efficient to take a good look at GuestCentrix
As we run full trust accounting we have found that trust auditors are much happier with the data that is being produced.  They are also extremely happy that the system is more like an accounting system and that the data of the past does not and will never change once the month has been rolled.
We have also found that we have far greater control of the look, feel and content of all guest stationary and we can have it with a modern look.  This helps with a better portrayal of the organisation to their guests.  Whilst using the system to define the letters takes some getting used to you will find that you have far greater control of your guest communication.
All in all we have been more than happy with the new solution and would not hesitate to recommend it to be used.
Peter Snook, Check In Hotel Motel Consultancy