Anyone who has spent more than a day in a busy hotel environment knows that it requires serious levels of efficiency and focus if guests are to be dealt the experience they expect. There’s just so much to keep track of and in check. The jobs and responsibilities within each are varied and often repetitive.

If you think this is an attempt to put anyone off going for a job in this brilliant industry, it’s quite the opposite; we think hospitality offers a wealth of amazing opportunities for anyone with the right mindset. So, if you’re a busy, modern independent hotelier, how do you foster a productive team?

Incentivise them (but not just with money)

We all go to work to earn a living – that’s a given. But it’s about far more than money if you want to truly enjoy your job and become successful at it.

The most productive hotel teams are those that are incentivised by more than just cold, hard cash. They know that the smarter they work, the more likely they are to get extra time off or a hearty pat on the back. Often, the latter is all that’s needed, so be open with your praise and recognise every single piece of hard work that takes place within the four walls of your hotel. Bonuses and raises in pay only go so far.

Don’t micromanage

Just, don’t. There’s nothing worse than being a hotel operative who is constantly put under close scrutiny by the owner or general manager. The more you micromanage, the less motivated staff will be. And unmotivated staff are about as unproductive as they come.

Instead, offer just the right amount of management and support to set them on their way, and watch as they blossom. The more responsibility and autonomy you give your team, the more likely they are to forge their own, productive path and get jobs done in half the time they’d normally take.

Encourage breaks

Working every hour God sends is something you’ll hear tired, jaded hospitality professionals talk about regularly. There’s just one, huge problem with that; the longer you work, the less likely you are to be productive during that time.

This is why breaks are so important. Even if they’re only ten minutes apiece, they give the employee a chance to refocus their mind, get some much needed oxygen into their lungs and brain and return to their post refreshed and ready to go.

Make them accountable

Just as you should praise every piece of hard work, employees need to be made accountable for their mistakes, too.

We all make mistakes – we’re only human, after all. And far from making an example of team members who occasionally trip up, this tip simply means you need to demonstrate the consequences of poor service or workmanship.

If a group booking enquiry isn’t dealt with promptly, it could lose you some serious revenue. When a guest complaint on TripAdvisor is spotted but left to fester, it’ll damage your brand reputation. If your hospitality software isn’t updated with your new rates, you’ll lose bookings to the competition.

Finally, if a member of the team does something wrong, make sure they’re made aware of the impact that has on the business, but give them free rein to learn from the experience and continue their career development.

Wrapping up

Our final tip? Every single piece of advice above extends to you, too. As the hotel owner, manager or director, you need to be productive and demonstrate how it’s done.
Make productivity a focus of your business, and you’ll build a happy team that consistently delivers a brilliant guest experience.

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