Ok, you’ve been doing a great job for years using your spreadsheets or motel/small hotel software to keep on top of your reservations. You make it work, but just getting by is not going to take you to the sort of profits you want to achieve in the next 3 years.
A cloud based Hostel Management System designed specifically for backpacker properties like yours will give you all the technology you require to streamline your entire hostel operation and boost revenues.
Before getting into all the various features, let’s start by running through what’s probably on your mind as you start a new week and consider the reasons why you would consider a new cloud based  Management System.
All your essential management information at your fingertips
At a glance your PMS should be able to tell you how many beds and rooms you have still available in the next 2 weeks.  With one click you should be able to see your availability forecast, OTA commissions, accommodation revenues and where you have group bookings. Better still you should be able to see this critical management info in real time on your smartphone or tablet you while you wait for your morning coffee on the way in to work.
Revenue and Yield Management all in one place
Your integrated hostel PMS and distribution system should let you update your channel manager and OTA’s like Hostelworld, HostelBookers, Expedia and Booking.com from within the PMS.  This might be as simple as adding new rates for an OTA with a minimum of fuss or revenue managing your rates to ensure you make more pounds, euros or dollars for your beds on Friday and Saturday nights when there is a surge in demand for your hotel. Your PMS should have a range of reports that allow you to track how your direct bookings are performing as well as those from your OTA partners so you can measure and improve your position.
Simplified front desk management
Your PMS should provide you everything you need for your front desk staff to be 100% organised. To provide your guests great service from the time they arrive you should be able to easily:

  • See all your bookings on a calendar blocking chart
  • Be able to split bookings quickly for guests who are room moving during their stay
  • Move existing guests around
  • Quickly create mini-group bookings or accept them from OTA partners
  • Efficiently manage large group bookings
  • Make a dorm rooms female or male only

Boost non-accommodation revenues with a dedicated POS
These days it’s not unusual for hostels to make more money from everything else other than accommodation.  With an integrated Point of Sales system your hostel can sell anything that your travelling guest needs.  With one click your hostel PMS should be able to convert to a POS or quick sale system so you can sell anything from laundry power and internet access to breakfasts.
Increase revenue per booking
In addition to boosting sales through an integrated POS system your hostel PMS should be able to sell tours and activities easily.  Your PMS should also let you promote via email your tour desk and regular weekly activities to your guests in advance so you stand the best chance of capturing the maximum amount of revenue possible from each guest.  Let’s face it, if you are not emailing them about the great time they will have at your hostel and range of offers your backpacker guest and her/his wallet will quickly find another way to spend their money.  You should tell them what you can do for them, show pictures of other travelers having fun so you increase the chances of those pounds, euros & dollars passing through your business.
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