Streamline your apartment operation with GuestCentrix, offering multi-key and owner accounting. Put your Trust in GuestCentrix

Apartment operations often have quite different requirements than a hotel. GuestCentrix has the capability to power your apartment operations, regardless of size or complexity.

GuestCentrix Apartment Solution offers all the functionality of a hotel, with added capability which only apartment operators will understand. From long term stay guests where tax rates may change after a set number of nights, to paying apartment owners their share of revenues from the guest stay, GuestCentrix is the apartment solution for you.

Key Benefits

  • Long stay reservations with simple to use invoice management
  • Configurable room types with interconnecting set-ups with accurate availability
  • Tax reduction rate set-up for long stay guests
  • Powerful Owner (Trust) Accounting for strata and investment style properties
  • Ensure all rooms are occupied equally with fair distribution
  • Upgrade guests to new room types, whilst tracking the original rooms type booked

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Related GuestCentrix Products for an Apartment

For a successful apartment operation, GuestCentrix offers a number of products. The following are just some of the products that our apartment clients deploy. With GuestCentrix you can profit from our experience, maximize your revenues and simplify your operations.

Online bookings and channel integration

GuestCentrix offer powerful connections to online channels via many popular and industry leading channel managers. GuestCentrix Web Interface Manager has the added power to yield on the rates published to online channels

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