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Most GuestCentrix users are now using GuestCentrix Cloud services to host their system in the cloud.

However GuestCentrix can still be installed at the property, or “on premise” as we call this install type. If a property chooses to install the system “on premise”, the following guide explains the minimum hardware and software requirements.

  • Server Set Up

    GuestCentrix desktop based apps require a dedicated server and SQL database manager. Hosting the following apps locally will require a server setup:

    • GuestCentrix PMS
    • GuestCentrix POS
    • GuestCentrix C&B
    • GuestCentrix Trust

    Recommended Server Hardware:

    • CPU – Intel Xeon LV 5138, 2.13Ghz, 2 Cores
    • RAM – 8GB
    • Hard Disk – 3 x 120Gb in RAID 5
    • LAN – 1Gbps

    Server Software:

    • Operating System – Microsoft Windows 2012 Server (64 bit)
    • Database Manager – Microsoft SQL 2014 (64 bit ) Standard Edition 

    Please note that these are minimum requirements for a single property with up to 4 databases. Should your property be larger than this we do suggest contacting us for recommendations.

  • Web Services

    GuestCentrix Web Services covers the following apps:

    • GuestCentrix GPhone
    • GuestCentrix GPad
    • GuestCentrix GQueue
    • GuestCentrix Channel Interface
    • GuestCentrix HKeep
    • GuestCentrix Web Interface Manager
    • GuestCentrix Hostel.Web
    • GuestCentrix Hotel.Web


    The following additional server software needs to be installed and configured:

    • Microsoft IIS 7.5
    • ASP.Net 4.6 Framework


    To ensure the web services can operate both inside the business network, and externally when away from the business, local IT support may need to configure domain controllers, ports and routers to allow for correct operation of these web services.

    Web services, with the exception of GCHKeep, require a browser to operate. GuestCentrix browser based web apps have been tested on the following browsers, both desktop and mobile:

    • Microsoft IE 11
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Apple Safari


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